Hi there, my name’s Alex Young. Since the year 2016, I have been deeply involved in the baby silicone products industry, and met the girl I love the most, and now have a successful family with her.

All these beautiful things are God’s best arrangement. This is the reward for my hard work, my passion for this industry, and my life.

In the past years, I have served thousands of clients, including e-commerce sellers, brands, retailers, distributors and wholesalers. They look for suppliers with good wishes for this business, hoping to have their own kingdom in the future business map.

They found me and told me that they want high-quality products, good prices, customized services, and fast and safe delivery. I feel really happy when I support them 100% on the supply side and see their business doing better and better.

But what I see more is that many buyers are lost in the sea of suppliers, always unable to find the products they want, and have no idea about the quality of suppliers and batch products, always Need to pay more to be able to buy popular products, not clear about customs clearance and logistics. There are even many customers who are trying to start a business for the first time and are planning to sell products on Amazon or MercadoLibre, but they have zero understanding of Amazon and MercadoLibre.

Trying to start a business for the first time is always great, it takes courage, but to make it successful, it takes more than courage. That’s why I started this website babysiliconesupplies.com, it is also the first time I try to start a business to realize my original intention: to help customers, especially customers who are new to this industry, in choosing suppliers and products, as well as transportation can be more efficient and reliable, and save costs. In the current market environment, these are becoming more and more important.

Therefore, I feel that I can do a lot of meaningful things. Unlike most salesmen or companies in the supply market, I am happy to achieve career success while helping and achieving customers, rather than burying my head in pursuit personal sales performance and interests and frequently bombard customers with emails.

And I am happy to share with you all the latest developments on the supplier and demand side, and the operating experience of online business, such as Amazon stores. Looking forward to have the opportunity to cooperate.

I wish you success in your career, good health and harmony in your family.

Best Regards.

Alex Young


High Quality & Best Prices From Source Manufacturers.

Our baby silicone products are from source manufacturer factories, which are selected high-quality suppliers in China, and best prices.

Rich & Diverse Sources, New Arrivals.

Original patented products from thousands of suppliers in the industry, and there are many new releasing designs in every month.

Reliable & On-Time Shipping.

We have hundreds of cooperative logistics and freight forwarding companies, which can help you deliver goods to the whole world in a safe, fast and cost-effective way.

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